FrozenRhino Photography

Because Beautiful Doesn't Stop At Size 8

If the average American woman (and clothing consumer!) is a size 12, why is fashion photography filled with size 0 models?


It's an interesting question, and one that has only recently begun to be asked.

In the days of Rembrandt, Reubens and Renoir, larger women were seen as glamourous and beautiful. Today they're nearly ignored by the fashion industry with the exception of a few progressive designers.

Did larger women suddenly stop being beautiful? Of course not.

Tastes changed, relative to what a small number of people (the fashion industry) thought. This change, filtered through another small number of people (the advertising industry) heralded the end of Marilyn Monroe curves and brought in the age of Twiggy.

Efforts like Dove's Campaign For Real Beauty and other market-based approaches are helping. So are art projects like
Leonard Nimoy's Full Body Project and Jen Davis' self-portraits.

Through FrozenRhino Photography, I wantd to help by showing the beauty that exists in women with real-world bodies, figures, faces and skin. There's a lot of politics wrapped around body image, size and all this stuff. That's not what I'm about -- I'm not out to change the world and don't have any sort of agenda. I just like to take photos of beautiful women who happen to be larger than a size 8. Or 12. Or 20. I want to show them those photos and have them feel great about themselves.

If you're interested in doing a shoot, please take a look at the
About the Photo Shoot page and check out the Our Portfolio page. That will give you an idea of the type of work I do.

Lastly, a
huge thank you to anyone coming over from my shot on File Magazine. I'm flattered and honored to have my work there amongst exceptional company.

Updated 4 June 2009